Idan Avni

Founder and CEO

Avni is an Ex Commander of the Israeli Navy who served for 27 years. Throughout his career he performed several technical & operational positions including his last position as Head of the Marine Engineering Branch and the Head of the Technical Shop in the main Israeli Navy base.
Avni holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S.E in Naval & Marine Engineering from Michigan University USA.

Avni Marine Engineering LTD was founded at the beginning of 2022 by Idan Avni who assembled a team of qualified and professional members to serve the marine and Navy fields. Our main goal is to provide a "one-stop shop" that can tackle any technical challenge of the maritime field.  

  • Naval & Marine Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • technical writing
  • Field Technical assistance
  • Engineering reports and surveys for metallic and composite boats per the requirement of the Administration of Shipping and Ports.
  • Training in all technical and marine time fields.
  • Hyperbaric chamber technicians specializing in high-pressure systems.
  • Planning of high-pressure gas systems.
  • We are qualified to perform an Ultrasonic watertight test (ABS type Approved, a unique ability in Israel).
  • PM- Program managing capability.

We use all the known software in engineering, from AutoCAD to Solid Works, Fusion360, and more. Our reports include all the design drawings, the bills of material, and if required, all the analysis and calculation reports.

We pick the team that is the most qualified and professional for the task. Our team has vast experience in the marine and naval fields.

Our Clients

Our Projects


Idan Avni




Elbit Sea division is developing vessels with integrated combat systems for many customers worldwide. Avni Marine Engineering LTD was contracted with ELBIT for support in the field of the platform (hull, machine, and electricity) in various projects. Avni Marine Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in integrating systems on vessels and designing and adapting vessels for various tasks. The Service given By Avni Marine company was carried out professionally and diligently.

Nayam Wings

Nayam-Wings is developing a wind-assisted propulsion system for merchant ships. The company built a technological demonstrator to demonstrate performance as part of the development work. The company turned to Avni Marine Engineering for assistance in engineering planning in stability, mechanics, and material strength. The company has vast knowledge in these areas, and their contribution greatly assists in the demonstration's success. The extensive areas of knowledge, together with the proactive approach and the excellent working relationships, led to long-term cooperation. The company intends to continue working with Idan in the development process

Israeli Shipyards LTD

As a facility dealing with many projects simultaneously, we found a professional and quality engineering support force in Avni Marine Engineering, assisting us in various stages of the engineering department's work in several projects we have carried out in recent years


We met Avni Marine Engineering Ltd. during a complex project to develop a marine robotic system for Sealartec. As an additional part of the project that was required for the company, additional engineering and driving force was needed to manage certain aspects of the project that required close supervision. Idan entered the project very quickly, with A deep understanding of our needs as a company, comprehensive knowledge of marine engineering, and thinking outside the box that challenges the team and leads to new solutions. Just as important as the professional side, we met a team with excellent human relations, initiative, and responsibility

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